Training in Goal Settings


Ismael Essackjee


mayo 24, 2017


jci and non jci members

Población objetivo


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Personas impactadas


Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible

Educación de Calidad

Estado de desarrollo

Educación y Autonomía Económica


In line with the motto of JCI Quatre Bornes for 2017 putting much emphasis on Growth and JCI Mission of providing development opportunities for young people, JCI Quatre Bornes is pleased to launch its Skills Development Academy. The tag line is: "Give us 30 mins and we will teach you a skill!"

Visión general

Participants were given an overview of the Importance of Setting Goals to achieve one's potential, step by step process of high performance Goal Setting and how to monitor the process to successful achievement of these goals. The Wheel of Life, Locke and Latham Principles, The Goals Pyramid were all discussed for a holistic approach in Goal Setting.


Good response from the participants who have gathered a sound understanding of the basic principles.


To renew next year with a prolonged session

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