Impact Talk - Driving Change


Ismael Essackjee


octubre 11, 2017


JCI and non JCI members

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Change facilitation is an crucial business value in both public and private sectors. The success of a project or of the organisation may reside in how we manage change. The purpose of this Impact Talk is to share some techniques about how to facilitate change in different environments.

Visión general

JCI Quatre Bornes has organized an Impact Talk on Facilitating Change: Connecting People to the Change. The talk was led by Anjena Runganaikaloo who is a Consultant in this field as well as a Trainer. Her passion for the subject drove her into publishing a book which is listed on Amazon. She is also a member of JCI Quatre Bornes.


Participants were inspired and learnt about practical tools in becoming a pivotal team member in change management.


Another session can be organised to go in-depth in the subject

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