JCI Mauritius 2017 Creative Young Entrepreneur Award


Ismael Essackjee


From junio 22 to agosto 13, 2017


Young Entrepreneurs

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Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible

Innovación e Infraestructuras

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Educación y Autonomía Económica


The JCI Mauritius Creative Young Entrepreneur Award serves to formally recognize young entrepreneurs between the age of 18 and 40 who have started a new business using creativity in product development, service development and in their approach to the market.

Visión general

This Edition of the JCI Mauritius CYEA will be celebrated under the theme Entrepreneurs of Today…Creators of Tomorrow which seeks to showcase and discover the emblematic work of young active citizens creating sustainable impact in Mauritius.


There was a high rate of participation with people from various sectors submitting their applications. The level of the entries were very high and the jury members had a difficult job in finalizing the selection. Most participants received gifts like training to help them in their business.


With the winner of this year's competition representing Mauritius at the regional level, much impact has been created and this will pave the way towards bringing JCI in the limelight.

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