Vitamins for the soul


Philip Changko


From febrero 22 to septiembre 21, 2017



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Vitamins for the soul is an initiative to help achieve world peace by promoting the importance of peace and the importance for all mauritians to live in unity hand in hand. The activity will teach the students the importance the importance of gratitude, saying thank you and not to resort violence.

Visión general

The college of St Anrews has over 800 students. For this activity held on international peace day members of JCI went to the college of St Andrews to talk about the peace is possible campaign and what can be done to achieve peace within our community and world. The students were sensitised about how peace can be achieved within our community by not having recourse to violence and the importance of saying thank you and grattitude.


Through this activity we were able to reach 140 students. The campaign was done in 3 classes to an additional 40 students in the school yard. Students responded very positively and really appreciated the activity held in their school. We had students sending pictures showing their support towards the peace is possible campaign.


Organising this activity on peace day is more impactful, however during this period majority of schools are during the exams period which makes it difficult to have access to all the classes. To be able to attract a wider audience it would be recommended to have it during the month of May

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