Improving your communication skills for an interview and learning to write a cv


Philip Changko


From septiembre 3 to 16, 2017



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Educación y Autonomía Económica


The aim of this training is to help the youth of St Croix who are about to enter the job market to be prepared and hencee increase their chances of getting a job. In addition this is part of one of our initiatives which aims to empower members to become trainers themselves

Visión general

The training on communication skills and tips for CV writing was conducted in St Croix with our partner my coaching crew. The training was delivered to the youth of st croix in the age group of 16-25. The training covered how to prepare yourself for an interview, how to present yourself and how to write a cv.


At the end of the coursse the youth were empowered and were taught how to prepare a cv to better increase their chances of landing a job when they are on the job market later.


Start the training during the day since it had to stop because it had become very late

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