JCI Port Louis Back on Track Campaign (BOT) - Transformers Movie Premier


Devinash(Vikash) Sewruttun


julio 19, 2017


JCI Mauritius Members, Senators, Aspiring Members


This project was initiated to bring all the JCI family together for a wow moment. A moment where all the JCI Mauritius family joins together for the big movie premier of Transformers - The Last Knight.

Visión general

This activity brought together more than 100 members of the JCI Mauritius family. Organised under the "JCI Port Louis Back On Track - BOT" campaign, was an idea to bring together all the members of JCI Port Louis.
JCI Port Louis managed to bring members that was away since quite sometime, new aspiring members, members and the senators together. We started with a small cocktail before the movie grand premier.
We invited all the other JCI local organisation and we had all of them represented or this gathering.


Mont Ida Films
JCI Mauritius


Keep this type of activity on a regular basis to strengthen bonding between members which contributes in the retention of members and recruitment of new members.

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