JCI Manchester 3 Peaks Challenge 2017


Simon Anderson


From junio 30 to julio 2, 2017


Manchester's Deprived Communities

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To raise vital funds for the Mancunian Way Charity so they may continue the great work they do with Manchester's deprived communities.

Visión general

Organise and take part in the National 3 Peaks Challenge to raise money for our nominated charity who work to reduce inequality and improve the life chances of Manchester communities.

Actions Taken

Book hotel for 3 Peaks Participants
Assemble a group of willing participants
Procure mini-bus and driver for weekend of 3 peaks challenge
Plan series of 5 networking training walks: Hadfield/Longdendale, Edale Circular, Great Whernside, Helvellyn, Scafell Pike, Mt. Snowdon


The team successfully completed all training walks and the challenge itself in under 24 hours raising a total of over £2500 through a collective effort of social media promotion from the JCI Manchester marketing team and the participants themselves promoting the challenge through their own networks.


It was recommended to us that all participants should ensure they are fully fit and able before choosing to take part in the 3 Peaks Challenge. It is a very physically demanding challenge that proved a little too much for some of the participants who had to drop out early through injury.

Feedback from the group - The number of participants was optimal, any more than 12 would have been too many both in terms of space on the mini-bus and with there too great a spread of ability.

It was suggested that this should be an annual challenge as it is both a great way of promoting the organisation we were fundraising for and as a soft introduction to JCI. For example - we would invite non-members onto our training walks that were intended as a networking opportunity. This would give us an ideal opportunity to talk about J.C.I. in a informal way. We secured one new member and a partner venue for an event using this method!

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