J.C.I. Manchester Soft Skills Series


Simon Anderson


From febrero 7 to diciembre 12, 2017


Manchester Corporate Patrons and Individual Members

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To provide a seminar series that would equip our corporate patrons, individual members and those of the Manchester business community with soft skills that are useful both in their work place and in their personal life.

Visión general

JCI Manchester invite speakers who are experienced business people to come speak to our members about a topic that will be of use to them. These are skills that our corporate patrons have indicated would be useful.

Actions Taken

Social Media and Email Marketing campaign to promote events
Book Eric Fitzpatrick as guest trainer for launch of public speaking club
Determine dates and times of 5 workshops -
Form partnership with Grant Thornton Accountants to provide venue space and refreshments at no cost to JCI Manchester. In return their staff could attend.
Local President Simon Anderson to deliver a presentation about using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy skills to deal with Disappointment, Discomfort, Disillusionment and Dismay on the 9th August. Venue will be B.P.P. University on Oxford Road, Manchester City Centre who provide complimentary venue hire and refreshments. Marketing was done 2 weeks in advance of the event.
Social media and Email marketing campaign to promote event to members
Organise the use of the Auditorium Space in RBS Hardman Square, Spinningfields, Manchester City Centre
Book Ash Boroda as a guest speaker for the 24th October
Social Media and Email marketing campaign to promote the event
Book use of Artisan Restaurant and Bar
Book Sue Coyne as Guest Speaker for the 8th February
Social Media and Marketing campaign to promote event
Book Sedulo offices as the venue for training event. Sedulo to provide refreshments
Book Will Kintish as guest speaker for training event


J.C.I. Manchester successfully ran a total of 8 training workshops in the soft skills series attended by approximately 200 people over the course of the series:

Sue Coyne 'How to remain Happy, Healthy and High Performing' - This was held in Artisan bar and was the first in the series. It was attended by 40 people who were a mixture of members, corporate patrons and non-members - BLOG >>> http://www.jcimanchester.org.uk/blog/2017/02/first-breakfast-briefing-of-the-year-was-a-stroke-of-genius/

Will Kintish 'Networking Mastery' - This was held in the offices of our corporate patrons Sedulo who provided a space, refreshments and a meet and greet. This was attended by 32 people 3 of whom were lucky enough to be given a free place on Will's half day networking course. Will took attendees through a 1 hour master class of the basic fundamentals of networking - BLOG >>> http://www.jcimanchester.org.uk/blog/2017/04/jci-manchester-gets-kintishd/

Eric Fitzpatrick 'Persuading on Purpose' - This was held in the offices of our corporate patrons Grant Thornton who provided a space and refreshments for the training. This was to be the launch of our public speaking club and was attended by 25 people which is a great turn out considering it was held on a Friday! BLOG >>> http://www.jcimanchester.org.uk/blog/2017/05/jci-manchester-relaunches-public-speaking-club-with-eric-fitzpatrick/

Ilona Allcock 'Debate Training' - attended by 10 people
Ilona Allcock 'Extempore Training' - attended by 20 people
Ilona Allcock '7 minute presentation' - attended by 12 people

Simon Anderson 'Dealing with Disappointment, Discomfort, Disillusionment and Dismay' - Held at B.P.P University this was attended by 12 people BLOG >>> http://www.jcimanchester.org.uk/blog/2017/08/jci-manchester-consider-disappointment-disillusionment-discomfort-and-dismay-with-their-latest-breakfast-briefing/

The Ashley Boroda talk will take place on the 24th October and will be a 1 hour seminar on the importance of considering personality type when dealing with people in a professional capacity. We are expecting an audience of 55-60 people for this talk.


- To determine event calendar before the year starts
- Regularity of when training events take place (e.g. 3rd Wednesday morning of each month)
- To run more training events across the calendar year to encourage more corporate patrons to support the organisation
- To improve event coverage with Live video (e.g. Facebook LIVE)
- To show membership how events align with UN SDG's
- To improve post event follow-up with non-member attendees to gain vital feedback and encourage continual engagement and membership.

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