Abu Taleb Siddique


From octubre 25, 2017 to diciembre 31, 2018


Mother,Kids and Pregnent Women

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Create an infrastructure ensuring access to health services in a remote area.

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Nijhum Dwip is an isolated and hard-to-reach offshore island of Bay of Bengal situated in Hatiya Upazila of Noakhali District.By the active participation of local government, a cyclone center has turned into a health care center with 24/7 normal delivery facility waited to be inaugurated formally. Expectant mothers are vulnerable in this critical moment and it is of utmost importance to bring them risk free from their houses to the health center by local mans of transportation. However an approach road connected to the health center is very narrow pathway and becomes submerged during rainy season. To facilitate a wide and elevated approach road construction is prerequisite unless the functionality of the facility will be severely hampered.


The road has been created and now the access to the health care facility will be much faster and better. Expectant mothers will be in a less risky situation as they can use local means of transportation to travel to the Maternity Center. The local community will be benefited extensively as this will will tremendously improve their livelihood. Life for the population of the Nijhum Dwip will be better and will give them hopes to survive and motivate them to take more initiatives for the local development. Many lives will be saved due to the fact that expectant mothers do not have to go through the severely bad conditioned road, which was a terrifying health hazard for these women.


The roads will need constant monitoring and maintenance. A team from JCI Dhaka Central will visit the place on regular basis and work relentlessly to maintain the good condition of the road along with the locals. JCI Dhaka Central will also play a vital role in renovating and maintaining the Health Care Center (for mothers) on a regular basis. This project will continue for at least a year with very high possibility of renewal and continuation over the years.

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