Swedish TOYP programme 2011


Torbjörn Gustavsson


agosto 28, 2011


JCI International, JCI Sweden, National TOYP Program winners, Project participants, Local LOM

Personas impactadas



TOYP is a competition that recognises top young leaders in our comuunity who has contributed to the societies or the people around them developing. Other objectives was to create a national project to increase JCI awarness in the community and activate members and to learn participating members new skills.

Visión general

A projectplan was written and executed. The last 6 months group meetings were held every 2 weeks to make sure the plan was on track. Setbacks and challanges were handleld as they appeared.


Start earlier! Have a committed team looking for sponsors.


Generated press in local and national media and on the web. Appointed 5 national winners. One have made it to final rounds of the Ten Outstanding Young People of the World awards. Winners have not been appointed yet. Performed a succesful project according to plan.

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