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Joshymon Joseph


marzo 26, 2017


Clean Water to All

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A Well Water testing camp connected to the World Water Day celebration to provide and ensure safe drinking water to all.

Visión general

This year with a vision to provide safe drinking water to all, we embarked on a project to test the quality of drinking water of all households in and around Nalukody.


More than 250 individuals reported for the class on safe drinking water. They became aware of importance of safe drinking water and health hazards from drinking impure drinking water. People were also informed how to protect water in their wells.
Almost 50% of the water tested had some defect. Remedial measures were suggested in the report of each sample tested.
Results distributed were analyzed for the benefit of all. Remedial measures for correcting the problems pointed out in the report were discussed in detail.
Participants were taught how to make use of rain water effectively for augmenting water level in the wells.
In a nutshell the program improved the water literacy of all participants. We hope since the classes were attended mostly by family men the messages will be taken home, distributed to neighboring families i.e to the entire society thereby improving water literacy of entire Nalukody.


People have to manage with whatever little water there is in their wells. This makes availability of safe water scarce for many. It is recommended that more LOMs come up with similar projects to ensure the quality of drinking water used by the Local People.

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