15th JCI European Academy


Linda Nicklasson


septiembre 6, 2011


JCI LOMs and Members

Personas impactadas



Mission: The JCI European Academy aims to increase the understanding and co-operation between future leaders from different countries, by creating a forum of representatives from all over Europe where an exchange of experiences, knowledge, moral and ethics, culture and values could take place. Objectives: •To enhance the qualitative development of management and increase the understanding and co-operation of future leaders in various countries. •To stimulate the creation of new networks. •To support an exchange between Western and Eastern Europe and to set up mutual projects. •To create long-term growth and development of the JCI spirit in Europe, starting at the LOM-level. •To offer a high level training with the purpose to increase the professionalism in the JCI organisation, which also could be used in the individual's professional life. •Awarness of JCI Corporate Identity and programs

Visión general

Training and networking for incoming Local Presidents from Europe, held annually in Gothenburg, Sweden. This year it took place 29th of July -2nd of August 2011 with 78 delegates from 25 countries.


All European NOMs are encouraged to promote the JCI European Academy among their LOMs, and to send candidates for the Academy.


Offering a networking and training opportunity for our future leaders - the incoming Local Presidents. Increasing the number of delegates from previous year. Visited by the JCI President.

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