Cloth Bag Against Plastic Bag


Ali Mutlu Kose


From enero 1, 2018 to enero 1, 2019


To make people conscious about the damage of plastic bag and reduce the use of plastic bag

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To make people conscious about the damage of plastic bag and reduce the use of plastic bag

Visión general

Discarded plastic bags are, in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’s words, “an iconic symbol of waste”. Billions of bags are used by shoppers in the world each year and “far too many of these bags made their way onto the streets and into the countryside as unsightly litter”.Plastic bags can choke or poison fish, animals and birds, with marine wildlife particularly vulnerable. As a study cited by the Government explains, “when seabirds, sea mammals or fish ingest plastic particles, blocking of the gut is likely to harm or even kill the organism”.
The RSPB warns that birds can mistake the bags for fish or nesting materials. If their legs or heads become entangled, it can prove fatal. Plastic bags consume resources, including oil, in their creation. According to some estimates, up to 100 million barrels of oil are needed to make the world’s plastic bags each year. Yet typical usage of a plastic bag is just 20 minutes. Because of that we supply cloth bag with JCI Bodrum printed. Bodrum Municipality and some companies work with us as a partner. We give all the shoppers for free in market place. We tell about "why plastic bag is bad".


We give cloth bag to all shoppers in market place. We tell them "why we should not use plastic bag". Over 100 shopper prefer to use cloth bag.


It is highly recommended for all JCI Organizations to observe why people prefer plastic bag.

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