Another World is Possible


Evance Masau


septiembre 19, 2011


Over 100 children from five orphanages

Personas impactadas



1. To provide a platform for young people infected or greatly affected by HIV to interact and share experiences 2. To bring to the fore strategies that can be adopted to halt and reverse the impact of HIV on young people, thereby achieving MDG 6 3. To provide an opportunity for young people to share their visions of a better world

Visión general

Project is a Public Speaking and Debate championship for children from five institutions, most of whom are orphans due to HIV with some infected by the virus. Theme is Another World Is Possible. Topics are structured to draw out best practices and encourage creating a vision for a better future as well as laying down clear strategies to achieve such visions.


Preliminary rounds of the competition were held on September 2 and 3; winners are now preparing for the final to be held on October 8, 2011, at a local school. Winners from the preliminary rounds received certificates from the 2011 JCI President Kentaro Harada during his visit to Zimbabwe

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