Fighting against harassment of girls at school


Yéma Emmanuel D'Almeida


septiembre 12, 2011


girls at school

Personas impactadas



We first want to raise awareness on the phenomena Ø Bring girls to talk, to denounce it when they face such situation, Ø Get teachers to be aware of the risks that they could face when they engage in such practices

Visión general

For the moment we’ve worked with three schools on the 6 appointed and we’ve noticed that most of the teachers are now more aware so more afraid of what can happen to their carrier, themselves in case they try to do such a thing; also we notice that students share the information with their friends, mates of other schools (a case was submitted to us by a student of another city of what happen to his sister! This student heard what we were doing by of friend of him who was in one of the school we’ve been to). Students, girls and boys are more alert! But the real impact we want is a change of behavior and that one cannot be noticed or cannot happen as quick as we want, it is a mid and long term affair

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