Awareness About Breast Cancer and Free Mammogram


Ahmet Erhan Tanyeri


septiembre 15, 2011



Personas impactadas



For Project related The Millenium Development Goals, "Free Mammogram" 250 womens checked. We made sponsorship aggrement with the First and Biggest Private Hospital in Sakarya, ADA TIP. For free doctors and nurses, free health equipments, check and screen materials costs 1.000 $. We gain our budget with this sponsorship and made free community development project.

Visión general

By UN’s Millenium Development Goals, under the topics Women & Health, womens are benefits of project by free mammogram, info leaflets for early diagnosis chance to breast cancer. For this purpose, at a weekend collaboration with first and biggest shopping mall of Sakarya and Sakarya’s first private hospital, open a stand for local people, published on press. 250 persons had free screening facility.

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