JCI Time Project


Nihan Altındoğan


septiembre 19, 2011


JCI Members and Potential Members

Personas impactadas



We are trying to increase our member numbers in order to introduce JCI mission and vision more people and win more individuals to serve humanity which is the most valuable treasure as stated in JCI values.Therefore,we are trying to familiarize JCI by orginizing different activities at special days .It is also targeted to increase the responsivity of the participants.

Visión general

To orginize events to increase the network of the chapter by a project where different themes are emphasised like International Women Day.


To orginize more activities at different special days where a theme can be emphasises.


Benefits to Publicity:To increase the responsiveness of the participants by emphasasing the themes at special days. To increase familiarization of JCI by JCI Time Project.To oroginize common activities by other non-govermental organization so that JCI familirization is supported. To Increase the number of members Familiarization of JCI and JCI Kadikoy To increase the motivation of members and candidates To orginize common activities with other chapters Increase the network of the participants Candidates gain practise in project activities by participating in projects.

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