JCI MAXimizing Cards


Bernard Faustino Dy


septiembre 21, 2011


JCI Philippine Members

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This project aims to maximize business and consumer opportunities by providing maximum benefits giving discounts and other privileges to the over 5,000 JCI Philippines members nationwide thru the use of their individual membership ID cards also enable the business establishments to get a free advertising mileage thru the JCI organization

Visión general

The project stands for “Maximizing Discount Card System” wherein JCI members are being given certain discounts and privileges to products and services by any business establishments accredited to the LOs by presenting their individual JCI Membership IDs issued by the national organization. With the influx of credit cards where this project concept was drawn to provide benefits to JCI members. This is a part of the JCI Philippines strategy in continuing for a more effective leadership and entrepreneurship development program. Aware that many of JCI members are entrepreneurs who have their own business establishments most of them offered their products and services as a means of networking among co-members in JCI. Some privileges is not only limited to the JCI members but also non member business owners as well. Business entities interested in participating can do so by securing accreditation to any from among the LOs nationwide thru a Memorandum of Agreement and submit it to the national organization. Accredited business establishments will be given JCI MAXX stickers posted to respective business address to identify those accredited business entities.


Considering positive results this is a good opportunity for business networking among JCI Members and non JCI members as well. This can imitated by other LOs and NOMs to do the same in order for JCI members around the world they can business networking to JCI members and can eventually enjoy discounts and other privileges in patronizing business owners of fellow JCI members and non-members as well presenting their business cards / JCI membership ID cards in any country where during their travels.


The project total success through the years because of the active participation among the local organizations and were able to solicit the support of quite number of business establishments nationwide who offered to participate by extending discounts and other privileges to all JCI Philippines members. In return the JCI Philippines also promote and patronize their products and services to its members who will avail of such discounts by just resenting their JCI Philippines Membership Card.

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