2011 Community Leadership Workshop Series


Suzi Chen


septiembre 26, 2011


Community members and JCI members

Personas impactadas



1) To provide leadership training opportunities to JCI members and community members 2) To promote JCI to the community through the leadership workshop series

Visión general

To encourage leadership development among our members and in our community, we conducted a series of workshop from March to August in 2011. With support from prestigious external speakers, this 2011 monthly workshop series included topics such as Understand Malaria, Leadership: What is It All About, Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator, Managing a Not-for-Profit Organisation and Bring it Forward: an Australian Red Cross Blood Service Experience. The workshop series was well received and provided an opportunity to promote JCI to our local community.


Running workshop is a great way to engage with local community and to further develop our JCI members. The feedback for the 2011 workshop series was positive. Further, the feedback included some interesting workshop topics that we could potential use for our future workshop sessions.


1) Six workshops were scheduled from March to August 2011. They enabled our chapter to better engage with our local communities. 2) Each workshop session provided an opportunity for us to promote our community projects such as Nothing but Nets. 3) Prestigious external speakers such as the CEO of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service Jennifer Williams and world-renowned malaria expert, Professor John Reeder donated their time to conduct our workshops. 4) This program was documented on Facebook and the online blog at http://jciwh.blogspot.com. We used online media to promote our chapter when the chapter president visited different local communities. 5) Approximately 60 people participated in the workshop series.

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