2011 Cambodia Let's Do It!


Sila Chy


septiembre 28, 2011


Members and student volunteers

Personas impactadas



Raise awareness of clean environment and promote volunteerism spirit

Visión general

Let’s Do It was first executed in Estonia in 2008 when 50,000 volunteers joined together to clean up the country of waste. In Cambodia, the project was adopted by JCI Cambodia in collaboration with AIESEC Cambodia. The organizing committee was consisted of JCI Cambodia members, AIESEC organizing members and international interns from US, Norway, Russia and Estonia. The event was planned over a period of 5 months. Seminars on environmental sustainability were conducted one month before the actual clean-up day on April 23, 2011. An essay contest was conducted, and major media outlets were broadcasting about the event. Finally, one clean-up day of 3,000 on-site volunteers was held, followed a thank-you concert on the same day.


- There maybe a lot of difficulty in working with people from various international backgrounds, but it is very rewarding for our members to get more exposure to cross-cultural understanding. - Approaching local authorities is never easy from the beginning, but once you have proved a successful project, they will seek us to collaborate in later stage. - Working with students in large numbers is crucial to make impact of positive change, while the older generation may take longer time to inspire.


- Taught over 50 members to learn to initiate community projects - Taught over 3,000 student volunteers to appreciate volunteerism - Made JCI brand known to local authorities and private companies - Built connections with major universities

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