Wish Tree 2010 Christmas Appeal


Suzi Chen


septiembre 30, 2011


Primary school kids and local communities

Personas impactadas



1) To engage young kids in important social issues 2) To teach young kids the true meaning of Christmas 3) To provide assistance to needed families

Visión general

In 2010, JCI Eastern (formerly Whitehorse Maroondah) ran a pilot Wish Tree 2010 Christmas Appeal in the Cities of Monash and Whitehorse. The pilot project encouraged local primary school students to hand-make Christmas presents which must be


This project was special because it encouraged kids to make something meaningful with a small amount of money. It also taught kids the spirit of sharing. This pilot project was so successful that we received a community grant to repeat this project in 2011.


1) This project increased the profile of JCI Eastern within the community. Consequently, we successfully gained a community grant from the local city council to repeat this project again in 2011. 2) We successfully recruited a new member as a result of the project. 3) Our members connected with and had a positive impact on the local community. 4) 44 beautifully hand-grafted gifts were generated during a 3-month project promotional period. These gifts were donated to local charities as Christmas presents for needed families. 5) Feedback from teachers was that kids had fun participating in the project whilst learning about the spirit of sharing. 6) Local sponsors also benefited from our project as we estimated our promotion coverage reached more than 500 people.

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