Australia Day 2011 Flood Relief Effort


Suzi Chen


septiembre 30, 2011


Victorian and Queensland flood affected communities

Personas impactadas



1) To celebrate Australia Day 2011 2) To promote JCI Eastern (formerly JCI Whitehorse Maroondah) to the local community 3) To raise money for the Victoria and Queensland Flood Relief Effort

Visión general

JCI Eastern (formerly JCI Whitehorse Maroondah) has been participated in the Australia Day Concert and Fireworks hosted by the Whitehorse City Council for the past 20 years. The popular celebration attracts more than 15,000 participants every year. To continue with our fabulous tradition, JCI Eastern joined the Whitehorse community to celebrate the 2011 Australia Day with a style. Sponsored by the Council, JCI Eastern chapter members and volunteers set up a stall to promote JCI whilst selling a variety of small items including Australia flags and glow bands to community members. Within 3 hours of our operation, 100 Australian flags and 600 glow bands were sold. As a result, we made a profit of AUD 1751.40, which was donated to Red Cross for the flood affected communities in Victoria and Queensland.


A big public event such as this one is a great way to promote JCI. The fact that JCI Eastern combined the promotional effort with a fund-raising strategy made this fabulous day a big success. It is recommended that the Chapter should actively seek out such an opportunity in the future to engage and promote JCI to the local community.


1) With an exposure to 15,000 community members, JCI Eastern greatly benefited from participating in this great event. 2) Our fund-raising effort resulted in a donation of 1751.40 AUD to flood affected communities in Victoria and Queensland. 3) We also attracted several past JCI members to our stall who were very excited to reconnect with us. Consequently, a JCI reunion will be planned for 2012.

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