120 Wheelchairs for poor disable people


Lan Anh Vo


octubre 4, 2011


Vietnamese poor disable people, JCI Members, volunteers

Personas impactadas



1/ To donate 120 wheelchairs to poor disable people in Ho Chi Minh City, Bac Lieu and Kien Giang 2/ To help lonely disable and elderly people have happy time.

Visión general

Crocodile Foundation sponsored 120 wheelchairs, Lan Anh Dental Clinic sponsored transportation fee to Vietnam, and JCI Vietnam is main organizer. The wheelchair donation event took place in Thanh Loc center (center for lonely poor disable people)on Sep 15. 100 lonely disable and elderly people had happy time to enjoy music performance given by volunteer singers, artists and football players. JCI Vietnam members visited 300 lonely people in Thanh Loc center.


JCI Vietnam can cooperate with other partners, singers and artists, who are volunteers to community projects.

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