Child Care & Nursery School Program in Marrakech city


Abdelghani Bakhach


octubre 1, 2011


This program is aimed at children between the ages of three and five and is designed to help them adjust and prepare them for the move into primary school.

Personas impactadas



We aim to provide high standards of childcare and education in a safe, secure, caring and nurturing environment, allowing children to develop to their full potential by providing equal opportunities. So that the children can become successful learners we aim: -to provide high quality learning experiences that sustain enthusiasm, maintain motivation and focus on ensuring continued development. - to promote the welfare of children by giving them the opportunity to take part in new experiences. - to provide equal opportunities for all children to access the early years curriculum successfully, meeting the needs of each child. So that the children can become confident individuals we aim: - staff will provide a stimulating environment for learning where children know that they are valued and can feel happy and secure. - to support and challenge children., using strategies that promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing . - to provide a curriculum, which takes account of, and responds to, the children's developmental needs and allows them to make progress related to their different abilities. What the child can do will be our starting point. So that the children can become responsible citizens we aim: - to ensure that different social, linguistic, religious and cultural experiences the children and their families bring are valued. - to build and maintain effective partnerships between the school, parents, other organization and the wider community. - to develop within each child positive attitudes; attitudes of respect for self, other people, the needs and opinions of other people, respect for property and the environment. So that the children can become effective contributors we aim: - to give children the opportunity to make choices, plans and decisions. - to consult with children at all stages of learning. - to develop confidence, independence and resilience These aims will be best realised through a carefully planned curriculum, designed to maximise each children’s potential, meet individual needs and encourage learning in its widest definition.

Visión general

This program is based on Pre-School education aims to help children with the following: * Personal and social development * Creative development * Communication skills * Physical Exercise

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