Sundsvall Business Awards


Tomas Wisten


octubre 1, 2011


Local entrepreneurs, non-profit organisations, JCI Sundsvall, City of Sundsvall

Personas impactadas



- Recognise outstanding achievements among local entrepreneurs and allow them to be "heroes for an evening". - Raise funds for non-profit organisations active in the field of entrepreneurship. - Promote JCI among local business

Visión general

During a Gala evening held in Mid-September every year, JCI Sundsvall recognises the outstanding performance of local entrepreneurs and business-people by presenting Business Awards in 14 categories. Examples are "Entrepreneur of the Year", "Business person of the year", "Rookie of the Year", "Growth Company of the Year" and "Regional TOYP". The Awards Gala is a high-profile event among local business and community and was visited by 730 guests in 2011.


JCI Sundsvall has, since its re-launch in 2003, targeted key entrepreneurs and business-people for Membership. This has provided the LOM with an excellent network in the region, which they benefit from when organising this project. As the Business Awards project is run entirely by Members, it is cost-effective. Around €3500 will be donated to Nothing But Nets. The extent of the project also means that it provides hands-on opportunities for Members to enhance their project management/planning and team-working skills.


- Excellent media coverage ascertained. - The JCI brand is now very well-known and respected in the Sundsvall region. - The Business Awards project has been established as a Flagship programme of JCI Sundsvall. New Members can immediately be assigned to a meaningful project when signing up.

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