Orientation-Seminar on JCI Reporting


Redentor B. Curate


marzo 5, 2012


Members of the Organization

Personas impactadas



1. To widen the perspective of every members regarding to JCI Local Organization Movement, 2. To facilitate the members in setting up a proposal and likewise to prepare the necessary documents for reporting, 3. To strengthen the organization through its members, 4. To promote Junior Chamber International in the area.

Visión general

The Junior Chamber International - Philippines was created to be the avenue for opportunity to young members. Every chapter has the opportunity to create a projects or programs that the beneficiaries are not only the members but the community as well. Furthermore, this Orientation/Seminar was created to supplement those who have been already surpassed the New Member’s Orientation (NMO) to create a strong foundation for the JCI Local Organization Movement.


-To apply the said orientation-Seminar to the new members and as well to the old member that have been inactive for along period of time.


-Broaden the knowledge of the members in the organization. -Learned how to make a proposal and the necessary documents in reporting a certain activity or program that the organization had made.

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