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Stuart T Nyakatswau


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High School students

Población objetivo


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Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible

Lucha Contra el Cambio Climático

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Educación y Autonomía Económica


Raise awareness on climate change and empower secondary students and also the community at large to become environmentally responsible to produce sustainable impact

Visión general

The project aimed to share knowledge and skills on climate change. It targeted young children particularly those attending secondary school in Harare. Students were taught to apply simple but effective means of environment conservation through tree planting and knowledge of Climate Change through Quiz.

Actions Taken

Conducted a Quiz Tournament
Connect and collaborate with like minded organizations
Engage school authorities and students to start an environmental club
Bins were donated to Roosevelt Girls School
Trees were donated and planted at 5 schools in Harare


The project led to membership growth, brand visibility through Newspaper articles and Social Media (Facebook, instagram, twitter). JCI Capital members also participated in Climate Action workshops that were facilitated by the Ministry of Environment Water and Climate thereby understanding technical aspects of Climate Action. Members were also impacted with skills of project management, administration as well as the application of the ACF in projects.
High School students were impacted with more knowledge on SDG 13: Climate Action through monthly quiz sessions, the students were also taught on Environment Conservation. JCI Capital donated bins and the school has since adopted the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle culture to help promote a clean environment at the school. The Green My World Project also held a Provincial Quiz Competitions with schools in Harare on Climate Action.


There is need to increase number of team members. There is also a need to conduct Capacity Building trainings for team members to scale-up.

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