T-shirt Tie & Dye @ WRAPD


Nyasha Victoria Mazhindu


noviembre 17, 2011


WestRand Association of Persons with Disabilities (WRAPD) Residents &

Personas impactadas



Fun day (challenging mentally), different for the WRAPD residents, as they got t-shirts to be creative with. Each person ie. WRAPD resident and JCI Members, got two t-shirts each, to tie & dye, everyone gets to keep one and the other one would be donated to Slipstream's 10,000 t-shirts for charity project.

Visión general

The smiles on the residents literally lit up the day, it was obvious that everyone was enjoying the project.


As we have almost 400 left over t-shirts, we will definitely be doing it again and hopefully spreading it beyond WRAPD - but other organisations as well eg. orphanages or old age homes


We managed to dye just over 100 t-shirts, 50 of which were donated to the 10,000 t-shirts for charity. The greatest accomplishment of the day was, enabling the WRAPD residents to do something for other people. Empowering them to make t-shirts for charity, when people usually do things for them, for charity.

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