Clean the Beach


Sila Chy


noviembre 29, 2011



Personas impactadas



-Raise awareness of clean beaches and their values to tourists, local sellers on the beaches and student involved.

Visión general

Cambodia’s coast is one of the most valuable assets the country possesses. Many of Preah Sihanouk’s beaches are still unpolluted. However, the last decade’s influx of tourists into the areas has been a great threat. As Cambodia is opening its door to increased international tourists, awareness and education targeted on key stakeholders, e.g. local tourists and sellers on the beach, has been insufficient and gain little publicity. JCI Cambodia is planning on the biggest beach cleaning event the tourist town has never seen before.


The event was conducted in October 2011. It was a big scale in term of both concert and cleaning activities, but there was high possibility that their would be rains on those days. So despite having checked with the weather forecast, back-up plans must be in place.

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