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-To contribute to the global “waste management policies" by ensuring that materials considered as waste are recycled by recycling of society
-To touch the lives of all disadvantaged individuals in the national,
-To create spaces where they can work together for a social purpose bringing together disadvantaged individuals and individuals from other parts,
-And to raise awareness on maximum contribution with minimum consumption.
-To make puppets with waste materials and performing on a day to be determined with puppets made by the children themselves
-To contribute to the social, social, personal and mental development of disadvantaged individuals through workshops
-To create awareness in this sense by bringing together disadvantaged individuals and individuals from other parts of society by creating areas where they can work together for a social purpose.

Visión general

-Firstly, the project details were discussed with Çiğli AOSB, Special Education Business Application Center
-Waste materials and items (such as crown cap, toilet paper rolls, ribbon, paitns, button etc.) were not used at home were collected by via members and guests of the two branches
-Puppets were made to be used in the puppet show to be held during the period with the children receiving special education using waste materials.
-Parents and teachers of children also participated in the workshop.
-"Puppet scene" was also prepared for the puppet show for children.


-With the multiplier effect, the project has also created an awareness of the need for social work in individuals and increasing awareness across the country, emphasizing the UN Sustainable Development Goals and JCI vision-mission areas.
-Waste materials obtained from the guests and members of the association were recycled and new usage areas were created.
-The project contributed to the elimination of the disadvantages experienced by the so-called “disabled arasında individuals in the social sphere among the society.
-By bringing together disadvantaged individuals and people from other parts of the society, efforts have been made to break down prejudices.



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