Mission to Boeung Mealea


Sila Chy


noviembre 30, 2011



Personas impactadas



To visit and study the situation of a secondary school and an orphanage in the rule area of Cambodia, Beoung Mealea, Siem Reap Province.

Visión general

The trip was participated by representatives from APDC, Mrs. Keita Endo and Mr. Yohei Tsuchiya. Beoung Mealea is the home of an old ancient Temple which was built during Angkor time it located 80 Km North from Angkor wat. During the civil war in 19970s, Beung Malia was controlled by the Khmer Rouge till 1996. After the war, this place was in peace but still there were lots of minds; the effort to develop the area was still slow; and in 2006 it was opened for tourists.

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