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Chrisinta Chavrimootoo


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To change the mentality of people towards disabled kids and to prove to the world that they are also highly capable of great achievements.

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To help the disabled children gain confidence that they have the potential in life and that if they have the proper guidance, they can easily succeed in securing a job.

Visión general

The Project started in January 2018 and the targeted region is the south as it comprises many remote areas where many NGOs do not work. JCI City Plus aimed at doing a very new project by bringing along something for the disabled children of the locality of Riviere des Anguilles. This school is named Angel Special school and Welfare association and is managed by Mrs Sokappadu.
There are all types of children there, with minor to gross handicap – such as those having difficulties in learning to others who are in wheelchair and have either auditive or oral disabilities. The first event was done on the 20th of October 2018. In 2019, the project has had a new segment whereby trainings and workshops are done to support the adolescents by preparing them for their prospective work place. The second event took place on the 16th of March 2019 at the school in Riviere des Anguilles itself.

We did regular meetings with members and divided the work amongst them. We worked in line with Mrs Sokappadu’s advice to empower those children well. We did the events on site and then gave certificates/medals to these children.


Was a success


Work more towards the empowerment of the children through workshops

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