JCI Olongapo Embrace Project


Neal Perez


enero 5, 2012


2,000 children

Personas impactadas



To provide vitamin A and deworming medicines to less fortunate children in the community

Visión general

JCI Olongapo through the sponsorship of Embrace Foundation distributed 2,000 Vitamin A capsules and 2,000 deworming tablets in five (5) barangay in the City of Olongapo. The project was supported by the local government and barangay officials. Five (5) depressed areas were identified as project beneficiaries.


A similar project will be scheduled in June 2012 for the benefit of another five (5) depressed areas in the City of Olongapo.


2,000 vitamin A capsules and 2,000 deworming tablets were distributed to children in the following areas: 1. Barangay New Cabalan 2. Barangay Kalaklan 3. Barangay Pag-Asa 4. Barangay Gordon Heights 5. Barangay New Banicain

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