Transportation to Sendai

Tokyo and Sendai are connected with each other by the Tohoku Shinkansen. The one-way trip takes about 90 minutes and costs around 12,000 yen. 

You can reserve seat via the JR East website

Air Travel

Sendai International Airport (SDJ) is the main airport serving the city of Sendai. 

Sendai International Airport is an international/domestic airport located a 30-minute train ride from Sendai Station. (660 yen one-way) and more information on Sendai International Airport can be found here:

Note: Delegates are required to arrive at the designated hotels by the night of Friday, September 17 to be ready to attend the first official program of the Academy on the morning of Saturday, September 18.


From the standpoint of preventing and controlling the spread of COVID-19 please note that, in principle, it is necessary to obtain a pre-departure Certificate of Testing for COVID-19 (see the Ministry of Justice website “Certificate of Testing for COVID-19 for the entry or re-entry of foreign nationals” ).

More information:

  • Bring any usual medications you require
  • Check your personal insurance plan


100 volts AC / 50 Hz cycle

Outlet type: U.S. (2 pin outlet)


Japanese Yen (¥)

Delegates are strongly recommended t to bring some cash and exchange their currency for Japanese yen at major international airports BEFORE they arrive in Sendai.

It is possible to exchange U.S. dollars for Japanese yen at some branches of major banks and post offices in Sendai City; however, the opportunities for exchange will be limited.

Currency exchange counters or bank branches are found at Haneda, Narita, Kansai, Sendai, and other international airports.

Credit cards

Credit cards are accepted at most hotels/restaurants. It is highly recommended you bring a credit card.


Tipping is not required in Japan.


To dial a number outside Japan, from within Japan, first dial 010, followed by the code for the country you are calling, then the area or city code, and phone number.

For example, if you are trying to call someone in the US (country code 1), in the city of New York (city code 212), you would dial 010-1-212-XXX-XXXX.

Pre-paid SIM cards for mobile phones with internet options are offered by Japanese cell phone companies and are available for purchase at major international airports upon arrival but it is the personal responsibility of delegates to look for, reserve and purchase any available plans.

Free public Wi-Fi access is available only in central areas of the city of Sendai.

Free Wi-Fi access is also available at a lounge of the Hotel New Mitoya.

Cultural Notes

Local Cuisine

Grilled Beef Tongue

Beef tongue, which is matured, seasoned and then grilled, was first begun in Sendai. A set meal of grilled beef tongue, a soup with simmered oxtail, and mugimeshi (rice boiled with barley), is a standard meal for gourmets in Sendai.


Sasa-kamaboko, white fish ground to a paste and baked in the shape of sasa (bamboo) leaves, is a famous Sendai local specialty. There are numerous kamaboko shops in the city, and some offer kamaboko grilling hands-on experiences for tourists.

Zunda (sweetened mashed green soybeans)

Zunda is sweet soybean paste special to Sendai. This is made by boiling young soybeans, then crushing and seasoning them with sugar and salt. It is normally used to dress rice cakes or dumplings, but is also used in new products such as cakes.


Miyagi prefecture where Sendai is located, is blessed with many fishing ports providing an abundance of high quality fresh fish, and Miyagi is famous for its delicious rice as well; therefore Miyagi is known for its high-quality sushi.


Oysters which are a special product of Miyagi prefecture are in season from around October through the winter. They are characterized by their rich taste which is condensed into the small body of the oyster. There are shops that are open year round that offer all you can eat oysters and tasting.

Places to Go

Site of Sendai Castle

Sendai Castle (or Aoba Castle) was built by Date Masamune. The stone walls have been carefully reconstructed and a statue of Date Masamune riding on a horse overlooks the town. The Aoba Castle Museum is also located here.


Sendai Tanabata Festival

As one of the three major festivals of the Tohoku region, this beautiful summer tradition of Sendai has its roots in the seasonal event of Tanabata, or Star Festival. It is characterized by colorful bamboo decorations that brighten up the shopping arcades to delight the two million visitors who come from all over Japan to see the festival. A leisurely stroll along the shopping arcades to view the brightly colored streamers waving overhead is a must for all visitors.


The language of Sendai is Japanese; not many Japanese speak English in Sendai.


Smoking is strictly prohibited in hotel rooms and many other areas. 

Smoking on public streets is also prohibited. 

You will have to pay a fine if you are caught smoking in public non-smoking areas.


It often rains in the end of September in Sendai.

The average temperature in the end of September is around 20°C but can reach higher than that. Please bring drinking water to avoid dehydration when you go outside.

It is also recommended you bring rain gear.


Please bring autumn clothes and a light jacket. Laundry service is available for a fee.


In case of emergency, please dial 119 for fire, rescue and ambulance services in Sendai. 

If you require police assistance, please dial 110.

More information on use of these emergency services can be found here:

Delegates are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with instructions and manuals provided by the hotels and venues in case of any sort of emergency.