Paschal Dike (Nigeria)

JCI Career
Joined JCI University of Uyo
2003 Joined JCI Trans Amadi, PH, Nigeria
2004 Local President
2008 National President
2009 JCI Vice President
2011 JCI Growth and Development Committee member
2012 JCI Executive Vice President
(Africa & the Middle East)
2013 JCI UN & External Affairs Committee member
2014 Chief Executive Assistant to the President
2015 JCI General Legal Counsel
2016 JCI President

Born November 7, 1976 in Abajah, South East Nigeria.

Education: Holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Microbiology

Occupation: Principal/CEO EXCEL 360 Plus, a communication, entrepreneurship and leadership advancement Company. He runs two other companies; Seal and Signature and DEGA Multi Concepts covering safety and security systems, machinery, trade missions etc

Paschal is a certified National Trainer, member of Nigerian Institute of Training and Development. He speaks fluent English and Igbo, his native language.