(Last updated on March 5, 2021)
*This tab will continue to be developed as needed.

Q.1 Can we submit two applications? Can an incumbent National President attend the JCI Academy?
A. No. Please refer to the eligibility.

Q.2 We have our internal screening committee or National Board Meeting to select our applicant after April 27. Can we submit our application after April 27?
A. No. JCI Academy accepts applications submitted only before April 27. The deadline to submit an application is April 27 this year. It is advised that National Organizations will align their internal screening process to the deadline every year.

Q. 3 I am a Local President and have never served as a National Board Member. Can I apply?
A. No. Please see the eligibility.

Q. 4 Unfortunately, I cannot arrive on September 17 but can arrive on 19. Can I attend the Academy?
A. No. Please refer to the eligibility.

Q. 5 Can we get information about our host family in time for us to buy appropriate gifts for them?
A. Yes, the host Local Organization will do their best to provide the necessary information in time.

Q.6 My new passport is arriving next week. What should I do? (new)
A. Please submit application with all the files except for your passport copy as soon as possible. Then email your passport copy with a proper file name to cwong@jci.cc, sg@jci.cc and your National President at your earliest convenience.