Actualités — May 13, 2002

JCI President Salvi Batlle Visits Finland

We would like to thank Mika Akkanen, National Project Leader 2002, International Connections, from Junior Chamber Finland, for contributing with news about JCI President Salvi Batlle?s visit to Finland. On the photo, JCI President Batlle appears with Finland National President Petri Perankoski during a JCI Senatorship Award Ceremony. JCI President Batlle visited Finland on April 19 and 20, 2002, during Junior Chamber Finland's annual conference, held on the ship M/S Silja Symphony, as it cruised from Helsinki, Finland, to Stockholm, Sweden. A special meeting at the Parliament of Finland was arranged for JCI President Batlle?s visit. It is interesting to note that there are about two-dozen former and current Junior Chamber members and JCI Senators in the Finnish Parliament. That means that approximately 10% of the representatives to the Parliament are or have been members! Having created a network inside the parliament, they share Junior Chamber ideals, irrespective of their political parties. Two Junior Chamber members?Jari Vil?n, Minister of Foreign Trade, and Jouni Lehtim?ki, a member of Parliament?informed President Batlle about their network and its objectives. They indicated that their network aims to further global human goals, such as freedom, justice, and environmental protection, without allowing politics to influence them. Additionally, this network aspires to become a positive and flexible forum that facilitates open discussions on issues concerning all humanity.
After this meeting, President Batlle hurried to the M/S Silja Symphony, where he attended the First Timers' Meeting, a special cocktail party organized to honor all Finnish Jaycees attending a national conference for the first time. President Batlle?s speech was particularly encouraging. All those present felt that gatherings like this, where new members had a chance to meet the World President, should happen more often! During the conference?s welcome party on the evening of April 19, four new JCI Senatorships were awarded. The four new JCI Senators were honored by the presence of President Batlle on this occasion, which was very special for them. On the morning of April 20, President Batlle met with Junior Chamber Finland's national sponsors?Nordea Bank, DNA and Opel. After this meeting, he departed for the Stockholm airport. Thank you, President Battle, for this short but extremely productive visit!
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