Actualités — May 29, 2002

U.S. Junior Chamber?New Headquarters in Tulsa

Photo: Tulsa, Oklahoma?s second largest city Sponsored by the Jaycee War Memorial Fund, the United States Junior Chamber has purchased land for a new National Headquarters on the northwest corner of 75th Street and South Lewis in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Plans for a new headquarters are in the final stages of development. The U.S. Junior Chamber broke ground for the two-story, 12,000-square-feet office in late February. If plans for completion go as scheduled, the 18 employees currently working at the Four West 21st Street address in Tulsa will relocate to the new facility in late summer or early fall of 2002.
The decision to sell the building on 21st Street and search for a new site was several years in the making. Chicago, St. Louis, Orlando, Houston, Denver, and Indianapolis were considered for possible relocation of the U.S. Junior Chamber National Headquarters. It was decided that the city of Tulsa was the best fit for the needs of the U.S. Junior Chamber. Incorporated in 1898, Tulsa lies in the heart of "Green Country", a fertile forested region of rolling hills in northeastern Oklahoma. Straddling Tulsa, Osage and Rogers counties, Tulsa is the second largest city in the state, located 90 miles northeast of the state capital, Oklahoma City. Tulsa boasts of low unemployment, with an economy based on telecommunications, manufacturing, aerospace, transportation and energy. Moreover, Tulsa is home to nationally recognized museums as well as various music and dance companies, including the internationally known Tulsa Opera. ?The Jaycee War Memorial Fund is quite pleased to move forward with a new headquarters building,? says Oklahoma State Senator Charles Ford, former Chairman and 38-year member of the Jaycee War Memorial Fund. ?The offices on 21st Street no longer fit our needs... This move will allow us to keep the National Headquarters here in Tulsa.? With its current cost of living and solid business aspects, Tulsa was the number-one choice for the new headquarters. The new building will allow the U.S. Junior Chamber to have office space that more closely fits the needs and new direction of an organization geared to provide leadership development opportunities for young people. ?We are very excited about the new direction of our organization,? expressed John Nygren, 82nd president of the U.S. Junior Chamber. ?We will be giving the next generation of Jaycees a home representative of the members of today while maintaining the rich history of our organization. As our team looks toward the future and the new facility, we see only great things for Junior Chamber and for our operations in the city of Tulsa.?
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