Actualités — June 06, 2002

Two Young Entrepreneurs Reestablishing Junior Chamber in Guatemala

We would like to thank Guatemalan entrepreneurs Anthony Verne Calderon Meza and Boris Alexander Barrientos for contributing news about the potential reaffiliation of Guatemala Junior Chamber. Guatemala Junior Chamber, one of the founding members of Junior Chamber International, prospered and benefited a large number of young people in that beautiful Central American country until the eighties, when, for various reasons, it became inactive.
Now that a new millennium has begun, two young entrepreneurs?Anthony Verne Calderon Meza, a Corporate Financial Controller for Central America and the Caribbean, and Boris Alexander Barrientos, owner of Vidriomarket, a large glass company?are planning to revive the organization. Their enthusiasm and vision will guarantee their success. Having learned about Junior Chamber from JCI's website, they took advantage of President Salvi Battle?s visit in May to pursue their objective. President Batlle and his wife Mariona went to Guatemala to visit a day care center sponsored by their local chapter. ?They did not even know someone would be waiting for them at La Aurora airport,? Calderon noted. Successful Meetings The two young entrepreneurs organized several meetings for President Batlle, including an interview with Enrique Alejos, from IDEAL, a Latin American political analysis institute. The objective was to help President Batlle understand Guatemala?s situation and prospects. Enrique Alejos indicated that his father had been a Junior Chamber member in the past. Calderon and Barrientos also accompanied President Batlle to a meeting with a representative from the Chamber of Commerce. President Batlle provided information about Junior Chamber and it is expected that the Chamber of Commerce will offer support to Junior Chamber in Guatemala. After an interview with Prensa Libre, the most popular newspaper in the country, President Batlle met with a group of business students at the Francisco Marroqu?n University. He talked to them about Junior Chamber. This group, established in 1971, may have been created under Junior Chamber?s influence. Before departing, President Batlle met with 10 potential members to discuss the reestablishment of Junior Chamber in Guatemala. He also met with Jos? Antonio Garc?a Mayorga, Guatemala Junior Chamber Secretary in 1980, who informed him about the organization in Guatemala in the eighties. Calderon and Barrientos admired President Batlle?s ability to interact with others regardless of their social or financial level. ?[He is] capable of relating with people at the highest levels? chiefs of state, ministers, consuls, etc.,? they marveled. ?However, he also ate at a small day care center in a deprived neighborhood, holding the plate on his legs.? Great Potential Calderon and Barrientos are looking forward to a Junior Chamber organization in Guatemala. ?A NOM in Guatemala will make us part of a world network, so we may place our 'grain of sand' for the benefit of young people and our country,? Calderon expressed. ?We feel Guatemala is an excellent location to establish a NOM since our economy is one of the strongest in Central America? our businesses, although depressed now, have a huge potential. Additionally, most of our people are young.? In his report to the Midyear Executive Committee Meeting (MYE), JCI Vice President Luis Brea will recommend that JCI take advantage of this opportunity in Guatemala and invest the necessary resources to ensure the potential affiliation of Guatemala Junior Chamber this year at the Las Vegas World Congress.
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