Actualités — June 10, 2002

The 2002 Area A Conference??Entrepreneurs in Action?

The 2002 Area A Conference took place in Sousse, Tunisia, on May 29-June 1, under the theme ?Entrepreneurs in Action.? The hard work of the Conference Organizing Committee, headed by Conference Director Naoufel Nabli, came to fruition and a well-organized and enjoyable event unfolded. Delegates attending this event, aptly chaired by Executive Vice President Ebiowei Tobi, totaled 722 from 33 National Organization Members (NOMs)?21 from Africa and 12 from other areas. Opening Ceremony Under the patronage of Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, represented by his Trade Minister Tahar Sioud, the Opening Ceremony took place at the theatre hall of the impressive Sousse Palace Hotel. As a prelude to the opening ceremony, cultural activities took place at different locations of the city of Sousse.
Outstanding Training Since there were more members than usual interested in attending PRIME, four PRIME courses were conducted, three in French and one in English. The 82 PRIME participants, as well as all the coaches, expressed maximum satisfaction with these courses. A National Leaders Training course was offered on May 27-28 with coaches Fernando Sanchez, 2001 Executive Vice President and International Training Fellow (ITF), and Yao Kuoakou Ronsard, International Training Fellow. The 29 participants indicated it had been a great experience for them. JCI President Batlle successfully headed a ?Local Leaders Summit? with the assistance of several current and past JCI officers. A special seminar on ?JCI?s Mission, Vision and Value? was conducted with 1986 JCI President Mouncef Barouni as a key speaker. Additionally, delegates had the opportunity to attend ?The Monday Morning Method? by JCI General Legal Counsel Bruce Rector, ?Get Out of the Box? by 2001 JCI Vice President Fernando Sanchez, and many other motivating and excellent seminars. Several fruitful forums were also held, among them a Trainers Forum and a Growth Forum, the latter chaired by Simbi Wabote, Area A Growth Commissioner from Nigeria General Assembly Sessions Chaired by Executive Vice President Ebiowei Tobi, General Assembly sessions took place on May 30 and May 31. Chief Delegates made several recommendations, among them that the National Leaders Training (LEAD) course be institutionalized; that JCI continue to provide funding to the African Academy in order to enhance leadership in Africa; and that JCI officers review the case of Cameroon Junior Chamber. The World Speaking Competition winner was Rolan Metindaou, from Benin. Tunisia and Gabon Junior Chambers offered national parties, while Cameroon, Nigeria and India Junior Chambers organized VIP receptions. New Initiative to Fight AIDS The African Development Council (ADEC) led a new initiative to fight AIDS in Africa by conducting a symbolic march on the fine sands of the Sousse beach on Saturday, June 1.
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