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Be an Entrepreneur in Action at the Barcelona 2001 JCI Congress!

Few places can rival the narrow alleys of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter for medieval atmosphere, the elegance and distinction of its Modern Example area, of the fantasies of Gaud?’s whimsical imagination. Barcelona—The Great Enchantre
Few places can rival the narrow alleys of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter for medieval atmosphere, the elegance and distinction of its Modern Example area, of the fantasies of Gaud?’s whimsical imagination. Barcelona—The Great Enchantress —Catalan Poet Joan Maragall Diligence is the mother of good fortune. —Miguel de Cervantes Don Quixote of La Mancha The 2001 JCI Congress will offer you first-class training, and business and theme programs, along with world-renowned speakers and social events you'll never forget! The National Parties and other gala social affairs will present international pomp and pageantry as well as unique opportunities to learn from and share fellowship with other young people from all over the world. In addition, full programs are planned for spouses and JCI Senators. The 56th JCI Congress will take place in the charming city of Barcelona on November 4–9, 2001. Extra security will be offered to protect delegates at all congress venues and functions. Attending the Congress will be a way for you to stand up for all the tenets of the JCI Creed—particularly economic freedom—as well as for Entrepreneurs in Action, the corporate slogan and Congress theme. Being part of the historic Barcelona JCI Congress, you "walk the talk" as never before, as a strong advocate for freedom, liberty and free enterprise. Congress Highlights ****************** Opening Ceremony ===== =============???? The Opening Ceremony will be a unique show celebrating JCI’s 56th Congress, its internationalism, and the unique charm and allure of Barcelona and Catalonia. President of Catalonia Jordi Pujol and Mayor of Barcelona Joan Clos will attend the Opening Ceremony and welcome all Junior Chamber delegates. Historic First Best Business Plan of the World Awards =================================== One of the most exciting activities of this Congress will be the historic first awards for JCI’s Flagship Program, JCI Best Business Plan of the World Competition. JCI plans to honor the best of the best, people have bold, imaginative business plans to create a new enterprise or social activity to achieve positive change. There will be two categories--Business? (profit) and Social Entrepreneur (nonprofit). International winners will be selected from the more than 60 entries from 24 countries.? The international winners will be recognized during the Barcelona JCI Congress at a special Awards VIP Luncheon on Monday, November 5. First-place winners will receive free airfare, accommodations, and a plaque. Exciting National Parties =========================? Junior Chambers from Europe, India, Denmark, Latin America, Japan, Korea, Africa, Spain, Belgium, United States, Switzerland, and other areas of the world will offer you an enticing selection of food, drinks, music and entertainment. JCI Awards Ceremony =================== The JCI Awards Ceremony will honor the outstanding achievements of individual members, chapters, and member nations. Presidential Banquet and Ball ============================= The Presidential Banquet and Ball are the closing gala event. Barcelona Business Internet Opportunities ========================================= Outstanding cutting-edge business opportunities will be offered to delegates in Barcelona, including those presented by Grupo Intercom, a company established in 1995 in Barcelona. Its mission is to build a large group of IT businesses in diversified areas, with an exemplary focus on people, profits and innovation capability. Since 1995, Grupo Intercom has participated in the creation of 20 Internet businesses. Grupo Intercom will participate in the Barcelona JCI Congress to: ??????? Find talent among professional Junior Chamber entrepreneurs with leadership skills who may become part of its team. ??????? Establish contacts with professionals from other countries interested in participating in the internationalization of any of its businesses. ??????? Identify new business opportunities. To achieve these objectives, Grupo Intercom: ??????? Will have a stand at the Trade Show, where representatives from Grupo Intercom's business incubator will offer information on the company and its Internet businesses, and contact professionals willing to collaborate or work with those businesses. ??????? Conduct workshops showcasing its businesses to small groups of Junior Chamber professionals interested in exporting them. Its objective is to establish contacts in Latin American, as well as in Europe (mainly Mediterranean) and any other countries with potential Internet growth. ??????? Offer facilities to entrepreneurs who have business ideas and are looking for a strategic, technological and financial partner. ??????? Grupo Intercom President Antonio Gonz?lez-Barros will give a speech addressing key factors to ensure success in the Internet. For more information, go to Cyber Hall ========== To help delegates remain connected from Barcelona with the rest of the world, the Congress Organizing Committee is working to provide an area at the Trade Show where delegates will be able to connect via Internet, send messages, participate in interactive games, etc. The Cyber Hall will be large enough to meet the needs created at previous international congresses and conferences. Services will be complemented with many surprises, which delegates will discover on site. Special Theme Days ================== There will be a special theme for each of the five Congress days: Monday—Euro Day *************** The Euro will be focused and Trade Show transactions will be conducted in Euros. The 56th Barcelona JCI World Congress will be held just two months before the starting-up of the EURO. It is for that reason Barcelona is working with representatives of the European Central Bank, to try the EURO out as the single currency of transaction at the Trade Show <../tradeshow/tradeshow.htm> Parallel to the business activity, a series of seminars and training courses on the EURO will take place, with one of them carried out by an officer of the European Central Bank who will talk about the implementation of the EURO as the single European currency. Tuesday—Sports Day ****************** Barcelona is known worldwide for the successful organization of the 1992 Olympic Games, which will be commemorated during Sports Day. Sport competitions among national delegations will take place as well as visits to Barcelona's Football Club Stadium, Camp Nou, and its museum, Museu del Bar?a. Sports Day will end with an Olympic Party, where all LOMs or NOMs which have ever hosted an Olympiad can set up a stand. Wednesday—New Technology Day **************************** Internet access will be featured as an important aspect of the Trade Show. Thursday—Business ***************** There will be a round table with presidents from national Chambers of Commerce, as well as representatives from factories and businesses. Friday—Culture Day ****************** A Round Table of artists, writers, painters, architects, etc.—as well as tours of Barcelona to discover its cultural treasures—has been planned. World-famous speakers will be invited to address delegates, including J.A. Samaranch, President of the Olympic Committee, and a representative from Yahoo. Entrepreneurs in Action! ======================== In line with the SPC one-vision mandate, the Barcelona Congress theme will be the new corporate slogan: Entrepreneurs in Action. There will be special programs for spouses, children and JCI Senators. A room in the headquarters hotel—50m away from the Congress Center—costs approximately US$170 per night. Magnificent Array of Training Seminars & Speakers ================================================= This year the Barcelona Congress Organizing Committee has put in place a magnificent array of professional seminars such as The Personal Efficiency Program by Kerry Gleeson; Leadership by Hilary Owen; Empowerment, Team Building and Communication Skills by Mary Kay Mueller, to be presented in an extraordinary site, the “Palau de Congressos.” Top quality, professional training in English, Spanish, French and Japanese will be provided in Barcelona. Exceptional, world-renowned speakers addressing the Barcelona Congress will include: Dr. Edward de Bono ****************** Regarded by many as the leading world authority in the field of creative thinking, Dr. Edward Bono has written 62 books, which have been translated into 37 languages, and has been invited to lecture in 54 countries. He is the originator of concepts such as “lateral thinking,” which treats creativity as the behavior of information in a self-organizing information system. His topics include “Motivation and Winning,” “Human Behavior,” and “Breaking Barriers.” Bertrand Piccard **************** A fascinating Scientist-Adventurer, Bertrand Piccard will captivate Congress delegates. On March 21, 1999, Bertrand Piccard and his co-pilot Brian Jones landed the Breitling Orbiter 3 in the Egyptian desert outside the Oasis town of Mut, and completed the last great feat in aviation: to circumnavigate the globe non-stop in a hot air balloon. Human behavior and the effects of extreme atmospheres on levels of consciousness have long fascinated Bertrand Piccard. To improve his knowledge of the human ‘inner world’ he studied medicine, specializing in psychotherapy. He is also qualified in hypnosis. For more information, go to Hyrum Smith *********** Known throughout the world for his energy, wisdom, wit, and ability to connect with audiences, Hyrum Smith is the author of “The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management” and “What Matters Most.” Smith combines his enthusiasm with years of experience as the "father of time management" to bring thousands of individuals face-to-face with what matters most to them. His greatest passion is to train and motivate people to become more effective. In 1992, Smith was admitted into the S.R.I. Gallup Hall of Fame and presented The Man of the Year Award. “TimeQuest, “Abundance Mentality, ” “Reality Model,” and “Eight Secrets of a Successful Business” are his most requested speech topics. Colin Hall ********** Admired Leader in Europe and Africa, Colin Hall is the Executive Chairman of Wooltru Limited, South Africa. He became a lawyer, joined a brewing company, and became its CEO. He then joined Wooltru, an institution that aspires to be the core of an African uMphakath (community). To be part of an uMphakathi, you have to work with others on the inside. You have to “play music of the soul.” You have to have agonized with others of diverse, focused, interdependent trading enterprises, striving toward global effectiveness through leadership. Colin Hall is a great speaker and an admired leader in Europe and Africa. Two-Day NOVA Training Seminar ============================= The Barcelona Congress will feature the launch of a special two-day NOVA Training Seminar. An intermediate training course, NOVA will be the link between PRIME and EXCEL.
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