Actualités — June 28, 2002

Meet JCI Vice President Robert Van Gemert

"Be an entrepreneur and make your dreams come true!" Born February 28, 1966, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Robert Van Gemert holds a master?s degree in chemical engineering and is a business manager for a major engineering and construction firm. He resides in Bergschenhoek with his wife, Antoinette, and their daughter. It took three people to convince Van Gemert to join Junior Chamber. The third, now one of his best friends, assured Van Gemert that Junior Chamber provided tremendous opportunities and, most importantly, a group of very special friends. That was just what he needed, since he was about to move with his family to a new town. Van Gemert joined Junior Chamber in 1995.
He participated in various local and national activities, serving as chapter program director in 1996 and as national president in 2001. He has attended three JCI Area Conferences and three JCI World Congresses, and is JCI Senator No. 61769. During 2002, he is serving as JCI Vice President assigned to the national organization members (NOMs) of Dominican Republic, Haiti, The United States, and Venezuela. His goals and how JCI has helped him achieve them Vice President Van Gemert believes the organization can help people who, like him, have high goals, whether those goals are in business, training, getting to know people, or making a difference in their communities. ?The sky is the limit? that's for sure,? he maintains. ?Being a member of Junior Chamber has been a very fulfilling experience,? Vice President Van Gemert says. ?It has given me many friends all around the world, but more importantly, it has made me the person that I am today.? He affirms that Junior Chamber has given him the tools and skills to develop not only as a father and as a husband, but also as a professional. ?I can tell you that since being a member my career has sky-rocketed and I have been more successful than I could have ever been otherwise,? he claims. ?But the most rewarding benefit is that JCI has taken me to parts of the world I could not even dream of ever visiting,? he adds. ?It has shown me most of Europe, parts of Asia, and now parts of North and South America. I have been able to travel to wealthy areas but also extremely poor places, and everywhere you can see the JCI shield. And with that you see the same enthusiasm and beautiful smiles of enthusiastic members making a difference in their communities.? ?Everyday members in this organization are making a difference, and I am so proud to be considered one of them,? he states. His advice to others To members aspiring to become JCI officers, Vice President Van Gemert advises to keep in mind that ?JCI is the land of opportunities, where entrepreneurs like you and me can do anything they put their mind to. When opportunity knocks, just do it! Be an entrepreneur and make your dreams come true,? he says. ?Be what we all want to be?Entrepreneurs in Action.?
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