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Spirit of Excellence: The 2001 Outstanding Young Persons of the World

The 2001 Honorees Manuel Estiarte Duocastella, Barcelona, Academic Leadership Shashank Goel, India, Moral/Environmental Leadership Dr. Ang Hooi Hoon, Malaysia, Scientific/technological Development Moira Therese Kelly, Australia, Contribution
The 2001 Honorees Manuel Estiarte Duocastella, Barcelona, Academic Leadership Shashank Goel, India, Moral/Environmental Leadership Dr. Ang Hooi Hoon, Malaysia, Scientific/technological Development Moira Therese Kelly, Australia, Contribution to Children, World Peace/Human Rights Timothy James Lawrence, U.S.A., Scientific/Technological Development Yuk Ming Dennis Lo, Hong Kong, Medical Innovation George Earl Peoples, Jr., U.S.A., Medical Innovation Zomahoun Rufin, Benin, Academic Leadership See Too Hoi Siang, Singapore, Cultural Achievement Dr. Kadil Monera Sinolinding, Jr., Philippines, Humanitarian/Voluntary Leadership TOYP’s History This is the 19th year JCI has honored the contributions of a very select group of young people—The Outstanding Young Persons of the world. The TOYP program grew out of similar programs conducted by national organization members. The original program was developed by Durward Howes, 1930 President of the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce. Howes conceived the idea of recognizing outstanding individuals by compiling an annual publication entitled America’s Young Men, which highlighted the work of 12 exemplary leaders. In 1938, the program was officially adopted by the United States Jaycees. Since 1952 many national Junior Chambers have established their own outstanding young persons programs. Past recipients of national programs have included such well-known personalities as the late actor/director Orson Wells, the slain Filipino opposition leader Benigno Aquino, the late United States President John F. Kennedy, former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, and many more. In 1981, JCI officially adopted the TOYP program. The first TOYP Ceremony took place in November 1983, at the Taipei JCI World Congress. In 1987, the program was expanded and opened up to all countries, including those without a Junior Chamber. The honor roll of past recipients features many prominent and distinguished citizens, including the late South African filmmaker William Faure; Estonian Prime Minister Mart Laar; actor and stuntman Jackie Chan of Hong Kong; Jeana Lee Yeager of the U.S., copilot of the first nonstop flight around the world; and Gunter Pauli of Belgium, founder of the Zero Emissions Research Initiative at the United Nations University. Over the years, TOYP judges have also been selected from the ranks of the outstanding citizens of the world, including UNICEF’s Special Representative for the Film Arts and actor Roger Moore; the Right Honorable Poul Schluter, former Prime Minister of Denmark; Roger B. Smith, former chairman of General Motors; and Sir Richard Attenborough, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and a legendary film producer, director, and actor. JCI’s energetic and courageous TOYP honorees embody the spirit of entrepreneurship and citizenship that makes a difference in their communities and beyond. They recognize needs and find innovative ways to meet them. Their spirit of excellence is a testament to the power of enlightened self-interest. The TOYP program recognizes the accomplishments of young people in ten categories. Nominations may be submitted by an individual, organization, institution or chapter from any country. A panel of distinguished judges reviews all nomination forms and selected the winners, who are among the most promising leaders of tomorrow. Here’s some information about each TOYP Honoree: Manuel Estiarte Duocastella, Barcelona ************************************** Academic Leadership and Accomplishment Manual Estiarte Duocastella is a water-polo player who, with his national team, ranked fourth in the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games. A top goal scorer at four Olympic Games, he has won three World Championships, four FINA Cups and European Championships. He was selected "The Best Water-Polo Olympic Player” at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. In 1991, competing at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games with the Catalonia Swimming Club, he came in second with the National Selection in the Olympic Games, and was European Champion. While playing with Pescara (Italian water-polo league), he won a gold medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games and at the 1998 Perth World Championship. He later returned to play for Barcelona and won the 1999 King's Cup. He was then appointed to the Spanish Olympic Committee. He was declared "Best Spanish Sportsman of 1996" and "Best Catalan Sportsman of the 20th Century". Shashank Goel, India ********************* Moral and Environmental Leadership Shashank Goel was appointed to the Indian Administrative Service, the highest Civil Service in India. As head of the Nizamabad District Administration, he successfully steered a water conservation and management campaign called "Neeru-Meeru." As a result of this campaign, a water-starved, predominantly agricultural region of 2.3 million people enjoys better drinking water and irrigation facilities, improved crop yields and increased incomes. He also instilled the principles of self-help, and conducted a “Clean and Green Campaign” to promote tree plantation and sanitation, which resulted in a better eco-balance and produced health benefits for the people. Dr. Ang Hooi Hoon, Malaysia ***************************** Scientific and Technological Development Dr. Ang Hooi Hoon successfully characterized some of the Malaysian Plasmodium Falciparum isolates and clones, and developed a new and simple in-vitro microtechnique for the anti-malarial property of the Eurycoma Longifolia Jack plant. There are numerous publications of her scientific findings pertaining to the medicinal, anti-malarial, anxiolytic and aphrodisiac properties of Eurycoma Longifolia Jack. Her pioneering phytochemistry investigations on this plant revealed quassinoids with a novel carbon framework that allowed halogenated quassinoid to be separated from plant sources. She also postulated on a possible biogenetic pathway for C-quassinoids from a C-quassinoid in this plant. Moira Therese Kelly, Australia ******************************** Contribution to Children, World Peace and Human Rights Moira Therese Kelly has devoted her life to working with and for people, especially children who suffer from sickness, poverty or war. At the age of 22, she worked alongside Mother Theresa in Calcutta. She has worked in Botswana with the Kalahari Bushmen on a self-help project, as well as in camps in Johannesburg. She has worked in homeless shelters around the world, with abandoned HIV-infected children. She set up a children's crisis center in Bosnia, and aided in bringing children to Australia so they could receive much-needed medical attention. Kelly now operates a home to rehabilitate children from all over the world who need to undergo surgery. UNESCO now calls Kelly and asks her to assist them with the hard cases. Timothy James Lawrence, United States *************************************** Scientific and Technological Development Major Timothy James Lawrence began his life of service with the Boy Scouts, followed by a decision for a career of military service. Lawrence is an acknowledged international expert in his technical area. His USAF and UK government-sponsored dissertation led to the first-ever nitrous oxide resistojet thruster flown in space on the spacecraft UoSAT-12. He manages several contracts with Russian research institutes to transition their space technology to the US level. His international technical experience recently led him to participate on technical committees on propulsion and small satellites for the European Space Agency, German Aerospace Center, International Astronautics Federation, and International Space University. Yuk Ming Dennis Lo, Hong Kong ******************************* Medical Innovation Professor Lo's work has enhanced the well-being of the citizens of Hong Kong, China and elsewhere. Conducting research to improve genetic testing during pregnancy, he has developed new techniques to replace the hazardous amniocentesis. He has contributed to the fight against cancer by developing new and better tests for cancers. Working on the development of biotechnology in Hong Kong, he has opened a new field of plasma-based non-invasive prenatal diagnosis. Each year, thousands of people are benefiting from his work. George Earl Peoples, Jr., United States **************************************** Medical Innovation Lt. Col. George Peoples has risen from humble origins to become a leader in the field of cancer surgery and research. With cancer on the rise worldwide, he began to explore the concept of using the body’s own defenses against the disease. Peoples discovered the basis for a novel anti-cancer vaccine that was awarded a patent. He has also invented two additional vaccines pending patent approval. Recognizing the importance of this emerging health crisis, he began seeking new approaches not just to cure, but also to prevent cancer. Despite a lack of funding, equipment, and research, and demanding clinical and military duties, George pioneered a cancer vaccine program. Zomahoun Rufin, Benin ************************ Academic Leadership and Accomplishment In Benin, less than 30 percent of the population is literate and less than that have access to a formal education. After seeing the condition of schools, Zomahoun Rufin pledged to strengthen the basic educational system. He managed to completely build three primary schools in the deprived villages of Korobororou and Kika in Borgou and Tchikako in the Atacora. He recruited teachers for several schools and provided for their needs. He also provided schoolbooks and supplies for teachers and students, gave direct assistance to children's parents, and provided for the construction of public toilets, shops and water systems in many schools. Although not wealthy, Zomahoun is dedicating a major part of his income to provide an education for children. See Too Hoi Siang, Singapore ***************************** Cultural Achievement Since the age of 14, See Too Hoi Siang has dedicated herself to the art of Chinese Opera. She has taken Chinese Opera to 14 countries in all continents of the globe, performing at all the major art festivals around the world. She has not only uplifted the status of Chinese Opera, but has also firmly planted Singapore on the cultural map of the world building strong cultural relations between these countries and Singapore. Siang is the first Chinese Opera artiste in Singapore to perform "Madam White Snake" partly in English. Having delivered up to 2000 performances both at home and overseas, she is an icon in Chinese Opera. Dr. Kadil Monera Sinolinding, Jr. , Philippines ************************************************ Humanitarian and Voluntary Leadership Thanks to Dr. Sinolinding’s efforts, people in war-torn and inaccessible communities are able to get back their sight through eye surgeries; maintain their health through education, improved and accessible facilities, and affordable health services; and become economically stable. Envisioning a healthy community and campaigning for a cataract-free central and western region of Southern Philippines, Dr. Sinolinding has dedicated his effort and time to organize health volunteers, innovate approaches for effective implementation of eye care programs, and establish cooperatives. He has convinced traditional and religious leaders and their wards to become involved with the objective of the health department—"Health for all and in the hands of the people."
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