Actualités — July 31, 2002

JCI Signs Landmark Cooperation Agreement with Eurochambres

On July 22, 2002, Junior Chamber International (JCI) and the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Eurochambres) endorsed a historical cooperation agreement in Vienna. Several high JCI and Eurochambres officers?including JCI President Salvi Batlle, EuroChambres President Christoph Leitl, and EuroChambres Secretary General Arnaldo Abruzzini?attended the event, which was covered by the media. JCI, an organization of Entrepreneurs in Action, has much to learn and benefit from Eurochambres, the joint body of European chambers of commerce, which advises on regional and international levels, and provides services to businesses across all sectors. It also has much to contribute.
The process The process that culminated in this agreement began half a year ago. In June, during the Area D Conference in Istanbul, at the President?s Reception, JCI President Salvi Batlle and EuroChambres President Christoph Leitl discussed the matter and reached a verbal agreement, which was made official on July 22. The agreement will benefit Junior Chambers worldwide Although Eurochambres will be particularly helpful for JCI in Eastern European countries and Europe, this agreement will benefit Junior Chambers all over the world. Eurochambres wants JCI?s active involvement in the Global Chamber Platform and has different programs to promote cooperation with various areas of the world. ATLAS, for example, a is program that develops business and fosters economic cooperation with Latin America. Priorities JCI and Eurochambres will initiate and develop cooperative actions in line with the following priorities: -- To develop strong institutional relations in order to establish a sustainable mechanism of dialogue and forums of discussions. -- To promote the establishment of legal and administrative conditions favorable to the creation of a business climate enhancing the development of trade and economic relations all over the world. -- To develop tools of cooperation between the JCI and Eurochambres which would allow an effective role of both parties in the development of the debate on the future of Europe. -- To promote the organization of training courses for their staff and the staff of their members in order to develop a knowledge of the economic intricacies at a global level. If you would like to view photos of the signing of the agreement, please click here.
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