Actualités — October 17, 2002

Meet JCI Executive Vice President Marcelo N. Fernan, Jr.

Stay committed to the organization! ? JCI Executive Vice President Marcelo N. Fernan, Jr. Born in Cebu, Philippines, on December 21, 1962, Marcelo N. Fernan, Jr., holds a bachelor's degree in political science. He works in the real estate business, and is director of various companies. He resides in Cebu with his wife Maria Margarita and their two children. Fernan joined Junior Chamber in 1988. A second generation Jaycee, he feels his father was instrumental in his decision to become a member. ?I also look forward to the time my children will join Junior Chamber,? he says.
He participated in various local, regional, and national activities, becoming president of his chapter in 1993, national vice president in 1995, and national president in 1997. At the international level, he served as JCI Vice President assigned to various Asian national organization members (NOMs) in 1998. He has attended several JCI Conferences and six JCI World Congresses. He is JCI Senator No. 52008. As JCI Executive Vice President During 2002, as JCI Executive Vice President, he is responsible for Asia and Oceania. He successfully chaired the JCI Area B Conference in Sendai, Japan, on May 15?20, 2002. Part of this extraordinary conference was the first paperless Area B General Assembly, where each JCI officer and chief delegate received an IBM-sponsored laptop to follow the Conference agenda and presentations. His goals in Junior Chamber JCI Executive Vice President Fernan keeps on aspiring to improve himself and to help others. He says he would like to ?continue developing into a better individual as well as share my experience with my family and all the members I meet.? He feels he that has already gained a great deal from being a member and that Junior Chamber has helped him become ?the kind of person I am right now compared to 14 years ago.? His advice to others aspiring to JCI office ?Stay committed to the organization,? he recommends. His own commitment to Junior Chamber has been outstanding for 14 years. ?Do your best and God will do the rest,? he concludes.
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