Actualités — November 04, 2002

Canadian Junior Chamber Grows 48 Percent in 2002

Some people accept change. We create it! --Canadian Junior Chamber Membership in Canadian Junior Chamber (CJC) has increased by an impressive 48 percent this year. After a long period of declining membership, CJC members have managed to grow for three years in a row. How did they do it? CJC leaders attribute their success to several factors: Defining a Long-Term Vision CJC leaders attribute much of their success to having a long-term vision and planning for succession. Over this three-year period, they have provided a very consistent vision for the organization. Each successive year, they built on what had been accomplished before. They created a true sense of team, concentrating not on who was at the helm, but on doing what was necessary to achieve the long-term results and vision everyone shared.
Attracting Large Existing Groups Most of the growth within CJC has come from successfully affiliating or reaffiliating large, business-oriented groups of young people in large urban centers. In some cases, these groups had been affiliated to JCI before. The reaffiliation of such groups in Toronto, Quebec City, and Halifax has provided the greatest growth. CJC leaders worked hard to adjust their program and infrastructure to appeal to these large groups. To make it financially valuable and feasible for these groups to affiliate, they readjusted their membership dues structure. Additionally, they established a national business network and ran a best business plan competition in line with JCI?s flagship program. These groups decided to affiliate or reaffiliate to CJC and JCI in order to network with larger, more powerful national and international organizations. Establishing New Chapters In other instances, CJC leaders have initiated a LOM in a city to fit a specific community need, such us helping young business people and entrepreneurs network with others and receive training. They have also provided resources to reactivate chapters in communities where chapters had existed in the past, or supported chapters that were struggling so their memberships would not decline. Senators and others have helped spread the word and provided assistance. Providing Motivation and Training CJC leaders consider that one of their key roles is to be a source of motivation, inspiration, and awareness for members. Recognizing that it may take years for some members to experience and realize the true value of membership, CJC officers have focused on educating members about their opportunities in Junior Chamber, helping them recognize their own limitless individual and group potential, and offering them the resources to achieve their goals. Some of the resources they have offered include standardized local officer training, delivered around the country and subsidized from the national budget; a professional quarterly newsletter to recruit and attract local partners; and a biweekly email, NewsBlast, with deadlines, events, success stories, and motivational messages. Leading by Example CJC officers have endeavored to set new expectations, to show that Junior Chamber members are active, take risks, push limits, try new fields, and are responsible for their own successes. They are ?Entrepreneurs in Action? who lead by the example of their own actions and in their approach to problems and challenges. This mindset has generated excitement, momentum, and pride all over the organization. Chapters are working harder than ever to ensure their own growth. By revising bylaws and setting minimum standards, CJC members continue to work at ensuring all chapters and members are indeed living JCI?s principles and mission. As this continues, Canadian Junior Chamber and its chapters plan to establish a national brand readily recognized throughout the country, further assisting future recruitment and partnership efforts.
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