Actualités — December 03, 2002

Twinning Ceremony

Building Bridges Around the World Local and National Organizations forged bonds of friendship at the World Congress twinning ceremony. President Salvi Batlle encouraged members to use the ability to communicate instantly with technology to forge stronger twinning relationships.
The following twinnings between local Junior Chambers were formalized: * Junior Chambers of Kelowna, Canada, and Tempe, Arizona, USA * Greensboro, North Carolina, USA, and St Andrew?s, Scotland * Philippine-New York Junior Chamber of Commerce, Inc., USA, and Istanbul, Turkey * Philippine-New York Junior Chamber of Commerce, Inc., USA, and Manilena JAYCEES, Inc., Philippines * Ingham Junior Chamber, Australia, and Kentwood Jaycees, USA Agreements were also formalized between the following National Organizations: * Cyprus and Malta * The Netherlands and Germany. Moreover, a four- way twinning agreement among the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium and Britain was established.
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