Actualités — January 03, 2003


JCI Secretary General Benny Ellerbe announced today that Michael Kern would assume responsibility for JCI business programs in 2003 as ?JCI Business Programs Director.? Kern will also continue throughout 2003 in his role as director of Area D (Europe). JCI staff responsibilities for all business programs will now be consolidated under the leadership of Director Kern. Kern began his career in JCI as a local member in Junior Chamber Vienna, Austria, and became vigorously involved in organizing the Business Conference in Vienna. With an extensive business background, Kern has actively participated in several business organizations. He brings experience and a strong commitment to the business area, which continues to be an area of increasing focus within JCI. Excited about Kern?s appointment, JCI President Bruce Rector said, ?Michael brings a great deal of experience and respect to the position of director of JCI business programs through his many existing contacts with various European business groups. Michael will provide great leadership to JCI in the area of business programs.? Kern will oversee the continuing development of JCI?s Flagship Program, the Best Business Plan Competition, as well as the Business Institute and the online Business Networking program.
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