Actualités — December 10, 2002

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Speaking Competition Michael Rivera Irizarry, Puerto Rico JC Born in Mayag?ez, Puerto Rico, in 1983, Michael Rivera Irizarry is only 19 years old. He is presently studying Political Science at the University of Puerto Rico. Additionally, he is Press and Public Relations Officer for the Sabana Grande municipality in Puerto Rico.
When he was just 17, he became Founding President of the Sabana Grande Youth Junior Chamber and, when he turned 18 and entered the university, he became Founding President of the Junior Chamber University Chapter. Debate Competition ► English: Scotland ► Best English Speaker: Martin Randall (BJC) ► Best Non-Native English Speaker: Souke Peterson (Germany) ► Spanish: The International Team First Timers Program Grant Go, Philippines JC For World Congress photos, please click here.
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