Actualités — December 12, 2002

Meet Your 2003 JCI Officers

On November 27, at the MGM?s Premier Ballroom Center in Las Vegas, General Assembly elected your 2003 JCI officers. Bruce Rector, from the United States, became your 2003 JCI President. He and the following JCI officers are eager to provide members the best service ever during 2003:
President: Bruce Rector (USA) Immediate Past President: Salvi Batlle (Catalonia) General Legal Counsel: Kevin Cullinane (BJC) Treasurer: Koichi Washizawa (Japan) Chief Executive Assistant: Fernando S?nchez-Arias (Venezuela) AREA A Executive Vice President: Ayuk Sammy Pride IYOK (Cameroon) Vice Presidents: ► Sabine Pattyn (Luxemburg). Assigned NOMs: Benin, Burkina Faso, Centrafrique, Togo, Tunisia, Nigeria ► Brandon Topham (South Africa). Assigned NOMs: Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Namibia ► Patrice Ferriere (Mauritius). Assigned NOMs: Cameroon, Cote D?Ivoire, Gabon, Jordan, Mali, Madagascar, Senegal, South Africa AREA B Executive Vice President: Henry OH (Korea) Vice Presidents: ► Velvet Ooi (Malaysia). Assigned NOMs: Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Philippines, Taiwan ► Kyung Ho Lee (Korea). Assigned NOMs: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore ► Matsuki Okumoto (Japan). Assigned NOMs: Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand ► Nessar Khan (Bangladesh). Assigned NOMs: Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Pacific AREA C Executive Vice President: Luis Brea del Castillo (Dominican Republic) Vice Presidents: ► Jun Takahashi (Brasil). Assigned NOMs: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Suriname ► Erasmo Vazquez (Puerto Rico). Assigned NOMs: Dominican Repubic, Haiti, El Salvador, Honduras, Brasil, Paraguay ► Lee Yu Wen (Taiwan). Assigned NOMs: Canada, USA ► Dominique Dottling (Germany). Assigned NOMs: Bermuda, USA, West Indies ► Karen Grant (West Indies). Assigned NOMs: Colombia, Dutch Caribbean, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Puerto Rico AREA D Executive Vice President: Dominique Angles (France) Vice Presidents: ► Joseph Dilger (BJC). Assigned NOMs: Croatia, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Catalonia, Spain ► Laurence Poleunis (Belgium). Assigned NOMs: Greece, Hungary, Switzerland, Turkey, Cyprus, Monaco, Italy, Malta, Armenia ► Scott Greenlee (USA). Assigned NOMs: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden ► Josep Montanes (Catalonia). Assigned NOMs: Belgium, BJC, Ireland, Netherlands, Scotland, Austria ► Thomas McKee (USA). Assigned NOMs: Andorra, Belarus, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia
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